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How to find the right lawyer and brush off unsolicited advice? Diana Hamadé Al-Ghurair has the answer

JUST AS YOU MUST TREAD carefully when buying an expensive product or service, you must be wary when choosing a lawyer. As a wise shopper, conduct a background check before hiring one, confirm that they maintain a good standing as a licensed professional, and ask for references, especially if you found them online. Most importantly, try to meet them first, as you can tell a lot about an attorney from their demeanor.

Seeking advice from your lawyer is referred to as a consultation, and it may happen face-to-face, over the phone, or online. When you visit a lawyer, you may be alone or accompanied by friends or family. A common factor among many clients seeking legal services is that they don’t know what to expect. And I understand why.

Lawyers are perceived to be aloof and inaccessible. They’re not understood or trusted, and many tend to make things look worse by highlighting the client’s weaknesses and problems. A lawyer will explain legal implications, present options, and make
If the Suit Fitsrecommendations, but the decision of what to do is ultimately the client’s choice.

Lawyers in the UAE are prohibited from promoting legal services, but many unregulated hunters don’t oblige, whether by making direct phone calls or posting ads on social media, and unfortunately, many unsuspecting clients fall into traps. This is no small problem—it’s one of the key risks identified by regulators, but the means of addressing this issue aren’t that simple. I’ve personally taken on many clients who previously lost at court because they were given the wrong advice, didn’t have the right lawyer for the case, or because the lawyer didn’t show up on the day of the hearing.

Getting the right lawyer and legal counsel may be a challenge because it’s so easy to get unsolicited advice from virtually anyone you encounter. But whatever you do, take it with a pinch of salt. Rely on friends and family members for emotional support during the process, not on legal support. Look to your attorney for the heavy liftin

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