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Diana Hamade Attorneys At Law is a renowned Law firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates recognized for our comprehensive employment law services. With a focus on serving a High Net Worth legal practice clientele, the firm excels in providing expert guidance and representation in various aspects of employment law. One of our key strengths lies in assisting clients with employment matters across the entire spectrum of the UAE business landscape, including free zones, mainland, and offshore companies. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive tailored solutions, regardless of their business location or industry.

Employment law is a critical aspect of business operations in the UAE, in recognition of this aspect our firm stands out as a trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of local labour regulations. We are well-versed in addressing issues such as employment contracts, labour disputes, termination, and severance matters. Our team of legal experts remain updated with the latest amendments and developments in UAE employment law, ensuring that our clients remain compliant with the dynamic legal framework of the UAE.

Whether it’s assisting businesses in drafting robust employment agreements that protect their interests or representing employees in cases of unfair labour practices, the firm’s employment law services are characterized by a deep understanding of the UAE’s legal landscape. Diana Hamade Attorneys At Law takes pride in its commitment to excellence and dedication to providing clients with the highest quality legal counsel in employment matters, making us a trusted choice for those seeking expert advice and representation in the UAE’s dynamic business environment.

Our Professional Services Include the following:

Experts within our team are well-versed in employment law in the UAE and offer the following services:

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Employment law in the UAE is continuously updated through ministerial orders. We closely monitor all changes to ensure we are kept up-to-date with the latest regulations to keep our clients informed. We offer in depth and unmatched experience in all aspects of employment law, including the UAE Labour Law, DIFC Employment Law and other free zone regulations.

Our ability to provide experienced advocacy has resulted in enviable records of success. We are dedicated to guiding our clients step by step through each process of litigation to secure the best possible result every time. Our clients range from multinational companies to individuals who come to us for support in resolving employment matters.

Employment law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized by a unique set of regulations that govern the relationship between employers and employees. The UAE has a federal labor law that sets the minimum standards for employment across all emirates. However, each emirate can have its own labor departments that may issue additional regulations or guidelines. Our firm is adept in recognizing the technicalities across various legislation and advising where relevant.

Contracts in the UAE are typically written and should clearly outline the terms and conditions of employment. As a result, we prepare bilingual employment contracts in Arabic and English to including details such as the nature of the job, salary, benefits, working hours, and duration of the contract. Our firm assists in drafting these contracts, ensuring that all intricacies are met with detail.



It is crucial for employers to adhere to their obligations regarding timely payment, as stipulated in the employment contract. In the UAE, a gratuity pay system is in place, serving as an end-of-service benefit, determined based on an employee’s length of service and final salary. The termination of employment within the UAE is governed by stringent regulations, necessitating valid reasons for dismissal, such as poor performance or misconduct. Consequently, notice periods and severance pay may be applicable, depending on the specific circumstances of termination. Further, employees in the UAE are entitled to certain rights and protections, such as provisions for maternity leave, annual leave, sick leave, and workplace safety. In light of these intricacies, our High Net Worth Legal Practice provides guidance to clients on their statutory obligations towards employees, with the primary aim of safeguarding their legal interests in the event of a potential dispute.

UAE is home to multiple free zones each with their own employment regulations. Companies operating within these zones have different rules and benefits compared to those in the mainland. Our firm is well-versed with the varying legislation and is adept in identifying these intricacies and providing relevant guidance for the drafting of contracts. Expatriate employees are entitled to receive wages in accordance with the agreed-upon terms in their contracts. Employers must adhere to minimum wage regulations, which may vary by emirate and job category. Expatriate employees may also receive additional benefits such as housing allowances, transportation, and healthcare coverage.

Furthermore, a significant portion of the UAE’s workforce consists of expatriates. The government has implemented various policies and quotas to regulate the employment of foreign workers. Therefore, it becomes necessary for employers to draft contracts that account for the differing regulations applicable to national and expatriate employees, ensuring seamless adherence to these guidelines. Our High Net Worth Legal Practice diligently offers assistance in this regard.

Here at Diana Hamade Attorneys At Law, we stay updated on changes in employment laws and regulations, informing our clients about any new developments that may impact their operations or employment practices. We helps employers maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations, ensuring that companies adhere to minimum wage laws, overtime requirements, workplace safety standards, and other legal obligations. This proactive approach helps our High Net Worth Legal Practice to prevent legal issues from arising in the first place and provide a smooth experience for our clients.

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